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XPILOT Making Driving Simpler

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Equipped with 20 sensors, including 12 ultrasonic radars, 5 high-definition cameras and 3 millimeter-wave radars, the G3 accurately identifies roads, vehicles, pedestrians and road obstacles. Its powerful system-on-chip produces automatic driving assistance and full-scenario auto parking solutions for China’s road conditions, enabling XPILOT Level 2.5 smart driving.

Advanced Auto Parking Assistance

Combing ultrasonics with the panoramic vision system, XPeng’s parking technology covers 70% of parking scenarios. Sensing between parallel and vertical parking spaces, marked and unmarked spaces, the Auto Parking Assistance achieves a success rate of up to 80%. In narrow spaces inconvenient to get in or out of the vehicle, the G3 can automatically handle the parking function for you.

Voice Control Parking Assistance

“Hello Xiao P, I want to park”, “Hello Xiao P, I’ve arrived. Now you can park”.

After arriving at the destination, you can initiate automatic parking by voice, quick and easy.

Intelligent Driving System

source : https://en.xiaopeng.com/g3/xpilot.html

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