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XPeng’s Extraordinary NGP System made to fit China’s complex driving conditions

A tailor-made product specifically created for China’s complex driving conditions

by SEP Editor
Xpeng NGP

China, Jan. 7 – In 2021, XPeng Inc.(“XPeng” or the “Company”, NYSE: XPEV, HKEX: 9868.H) has delivered a total of 98,155 units of cars, surpassing NIO and Li Auto making it NO. 1 among all the players in the EV manufacturing market. In Fact, XPeng leads not only in terms of sales, but also its strong Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP), an intelligent navigation-assisted autonomous driving.

The NGP system is a star product and a key part of its XPILOT 3.0 autonomous driving package. The NGP function will make highway driving a safer, smoother, easier and more pleasant experience by automatically performing speed limit adjustment, optimised lane choices, automatic overtaking, automatic switching to highways, automatic entering and exiting ramps. 

Xpeng NGP system is a tailor-made product specifically created for China’s complex driving conditions

It can identify and avoid traffic cones, avoid large trucks, warn drivers of nighttime overtaking, and avoid breakdown vehicles. Even in severe weather conditions such as in days with fog and heavy rain, the NGP system can still perform well in most driving conditions mentioned above. 

With all the functions mentioned above, consumers may be more concerned with the following questions: Is XPeng’s NGP system reliable? How is the recognition rate of XPeng’s NGP? How is the driving experience of XPeng’s car with the NGP? 

(Photo Credit: XPeng)

To answer these questions, XPeng held a high-speed intelligent navigation-assisted autonomous driving expedition challenge in 2021, driving from Guangzhou to Beijing using NGP throughout the journey. In the expedition, more than 10 XPeng P7 drove in an average of 2,930km, automatic overtaking 6,245 times, automatic entering and exiting ramps 1,215 times, and passing through tunnels 1,308 times. Publicising these data showed that XPeng has a strong confidence in the NGP product. 

Currently, large players in the smart EV market are all competing with intelligent navigation-assisted autonomous driving technology. One year after XPeng launched its NGP, Li Auto upgraded its OTA 3.0 to show off NOA. Moreover, NIO has NOP, Aion has NAD, and ARCFOX is using Huawei’s ADS, all targeting the area of intelligent navigation-assistance autonomous driving.  

XPeng has no fear of competitions. XPeng is the only manufacturer in China that is doing both R&D and mass production all on its own

In addition to the independent research functions of visual perception, sensor fusion, planning, positioning, decision-making, and control on the vehicle, XPeng also has independent R&D capabilities in front-end data upload implementation, cloud data management system, distributed network training, data labelling tool development, software deployment and other technologies. For this reason, XPeng’s NGP has formed a fully closed loop of data and algorithms, and laid the foundation for the evolution of intelligent navigation-assisted autonomous driving for later models. 

P7 is enabled with autonomous driving architecture which makes it the most powerful production vehicle in China. It has 14 cameras, 5 millimetre-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, centimetre-level high-definition positioning, decimeter-level AutoNavi high-definition mapping, NVIDIA Xavier system-on-the-chip computing platform, and Bosch iBooster brake system. 

In addition to products, technologies and services advantages, stable R&D investment will also provide XPeng with a steady lead in the field of intelligence. Statistics showed that as of the end 2021 Q3, the R&D team of XPeng has employed more than 4,000 people, an increase of more than 100% from the end of 2020.

In the future, XPeng will continue to strengthen its R&D team, and bring more cutting-edge technologies and products to the industry. 

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