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XPeng Auto registered capital increased to 1.5 billion

by Sep Editor

Guangzhou Pengyue Auto Development Co., Ltd. underwent a business change on December 1. The company’s registered capital increased from 250 million yuan to 1.5 billion yuan, a 500% increase.

Founded in August 2021, Pengyue is represented by Xia Heng and includes auto parts retail, tire sales, investment activities, and electric vehicle charging infrastructure operation. The company is 100% owned by Guangzhou XPeng Automobile Technology Co.

As of December 3, XPeng Auto won the three land parcels AT0603040, AT0603043 and AT0603047, in Tianhe District, with a reserve price of 1.507 billion yuan, equivalent to 9300/m2.

Tianhe Wisdom City will be based on the development of regional industrial advantages, with high-end software as the representative of the new generation of information technology industry and deep integration of Tianhe cultural and creative industries.

The park will enjoy the advantage of gathering game enterprises in the park to build an online game animation and e-sports industry cluster that integrates industrial research and development with high-end business and the whole chain of e-sports.

Build an intelligent networked automobile industry cluster with Xiaopeng Automobile; take Jiadu Group as the leader andpromote the clustering and intelligent development of rail transportation industry and build an artificial intelligence and rail transportation industry cluster.

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