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XPeng and JD disclosed patents on flying device

by SEP Editor

XPeng Inc. (“XPeng” or the “Company”, NYSE) and Chinese E-Commerce Giant JD disclosed patents related to flying machines in December.

XPeng disclosed the patent of “voice control flying machine”

XPeng. disclosed a patent for “voice-based flight device control method, device, vehicle and storage medium“, with the public number CN113778125A.

It is explained in document that by sending voice commands to the flight equipment, the flight equipment can perform take-off, camera adjustment and corresponding operations. The flight equipment is employed to simplify control operation of the flight equipment.

In June 2021, XPeng Aeroht officially released the fifth-generation flying device X2.

On Nov. 30, XPeng chairman Xiaopeng He said in a speech that a small number road-capable flying car will be rolled out in 2024, and will operate on a larger scale in 2030. XPeng will begin to explore Robotaxi in the second half of 2022.

Photo Credit: sina.com.cn

JD disclosed patent on “flying robot and control System”

JD obtained a patent for a “flying robot and control system” with an application date of September 2020.

It is shown on Tianyancha app, a Chinese business data management site, that this patent may help flying robot to navigate better around target object.

The flying robot includes a drive section for controlling rotor rotation, a control module and a detection module.

The detection module detects the distance between the target object, and sends it to the control module. The control module then sends commands to the drive section to control rotor rotation, so that the flying robot can fly within a preset distance around the target object.

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