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Xpeng aims high to recruit rocket scientist, as leaked by netizen

With J-10 expert and 500 researchers already in the house.

by SEP Editor

(Photo Credit: XPeng Aeroht)

China,Dec. 16 – XPeng Motors (“XPeng” or the “Company”, NYSE: XPEV, HKEX: 9868.HK), the ambitious Guangzhou-based smart EV start up, is said to be recruiting senior ballistic design engineers, according to a weibo post leaked by Weibo netizen @大包子狸.

Netizens begin to speculate- could this be Xpeng’s odyssey to space?

The position was posted on Dec. 16 with location set in Guangzhou, where Xpeng’s urban air mobility company HT Aero, is located. For those interested, JDs and requirements are as follow,

Job descriptions:

  • Responsible for small rocket drop zone calculations and safety analysis
  • Coordination on flight tests
  • Conducting data analysis


  • Master’s degree or above, majoring in aircraft design and ballistic design
  • Skilled in flight mechanics, orbital mechanics, missile flight mechanics and other knowledge
  • With 3 years or more rocket ballistic related experience is preferred

Among the few major EV makers in China, Xpeng serves as one of the most versatile in business scales, with latest updates on advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), its supercharger network, a next-generation flying car built with HT Aero and its robotic unicorn for kids. 

On Xpeng’s 2021 Tech Day in October, He Xiaopeng, Chairman and CEO of XPeng, expressed his ambitions to craft the mobility ecosystem of tomorrow,

“Our exploration of more efficient, safer, carbon-neutral mobility solutions goes far beyond just smart EVs, and is a cornerstone of our long-term competitive advantage. We strive to implement cutting-edge mobility technologies in mass-production models for the benefits of our customers.” 

We cannot yet confirm the credibility of the recruitment, yet this is not the first time Xpeng has recruited aerocraft specialists. 

(Photo Credit: XPeng Aeroht)

In August, XPeng Aeroht officially announced Prof. Wenjin Zhang of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, who experts in CZ-5 and J-10 and China’s 20 armed helicopter, as the chief expert on the reliability of the whole aircraft, to provide forward-looking scientific and technological strategic guidance on XPeng Aeroht’s research and development of the flying car and innovative talent cultivation.  

XPeng Aeroht has now become one of the largest flying car companies in Asia, headquartered in Guangzhou, with R&D centres and laboratories located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Silicon Valley. The total number of team members is close to 500, in which researchers account for more than 80%, bringing together high-tech talents in various fields such as overall design, structural strength, aerodynamic simulation, integrated avionics, manned test flight, flight control, autopilot, airworthiness and safety.

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