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Xiaopeng Huitian(AeroHT)participated in Guangzhou Design Week

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From December 9–12, Guangzhou Design Week was held at the Guangzhou Nanfeng International Convention and Exhibition Center.

For the first time, Mechanical Starlink and Xiaopeng Huitian break the wall of cooperation and industry barriers to open a “future of the city” travel multi-exploration. Break through the conventional outline of intelligent travel, build a multi-connected, Xiaopeng Huitian Traveler X2 will bring the future of mankind to a free and enjoyable travel experience.

About Xiaopeng Huitian

Xiaopeng Huitian is the largest flying car company in Asia and the eco-enterprise of Xiaopeng Auto. Xiaopeng Huitian integrates intelligent cars and modern aviation, and is committed to building the safest intelligent electric flying car for individual users, providing products and solutions for human urban three-dimensional transportation in the fields of future urban air transportation, tourism, emergency rescue, police patrol, etc.

About Guangzhou Design Week

Guangzhou Design Week is the first design week in China, which started to be held in 2006 and was jointly certified by IFI, ICSID and ICOGRADA in 2007 and promoted globally.

Since its inception, Guangzhou Design Week has focused on empowering the growth of designers and developing the value of channels, and adhering to the operation concept of “Partners for the World”, after more than ten years of innovation and development, Guangzhou Design Week has established a network of partners in more than 30 countries and 200 cities around the world.

With the operation concept of “New Business, New Species, New Life” and the focus on “from designers to product managers”, Guangzhou Design Week aims to achieve the goal and mission of “design-driven industrial upgrading and industrial achievement of a better life” with an all-round, cross-disciplinary and international effort.

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