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P7 after 23-day seawater spray corrosion inspection, shows to be dedicated in R&D innovation

by SEP Editor

As Chinese population slowly begin to embrace EV in China, quality control and safety performance remain as concerns for many car owners. The Guangzhou-based EV company, Xpeng, launched a 23-day seawater spray corrosion inspection on Peng P7 in Beijing to test its product quality under extreme conditions in November.

Prior to this test, Peng P5 and P7 have also completed the winter extreme cold test under a third-party authoritative institution, China Automobile Research and Inspection Center.

Why conduct seawater spray test

Seawater spray inspection can be used to test anti-corrosion and anti-age conditions for respective EV model.

Seawater contains abundant salt compounds and electrolytes, that tend to cause serious corrosion to the metal parts of the car. Rust spots may occur when water-soaked iron is left in humid air for more than 36 hours. And the unique chemical properties of seawater have an extremely corrosive effect on metals. This test can emulate possible effect on cavitation of welded joints, and aging of vehicle body after years of using.

An ISO 4628 verification report was issued by the China Automotive Research and Inspection Center, showing that

  • Overall rust-free area of the P7 body exceeds 99.9%
  • Corrosion grade 1 (rust area <0.05%) for front cabin parts, trunk rear floor parts surface
  • Highest grade Class 0 for rest of the compartments.
  • The overall rust-free area of the P7 body exceeds 99.9%,
  • Passed the seawater spraying limit test and meeting the corrosion test requirements.

How Xpeng did it

-the use of aluminum cover, cast aluminum shock tower seat and other aluminum parts.

-Layers of body protection that includes In the body parts a large number of double-sided hot-plated pure zinc steel plate, the use of ultra-high swimming power of electrophoretic paint, divided into reasonable wet and dry areas, in the bottom of the body a large number of applications of cavity anti-corrosion coating glue, in such layers of protection

  • Why another test, on extreme cold conditions

to alleviate consumers’ “mileage anxiety” about winter electric vehicles, especially on how far can EV head in the cold. Some hold concerns on vehicle dynamics, energy recovery, etc.

On December 23, Peng P5 conducted the cold weather condition with a test temperature lower than the national standard, up for challenge, from that of -18 ℃ to -23 ℃ temperature test.

How Xpeng did it

-Develop more intelligent safety thermal management system of Xiaopeng automobile, in which the motor water circuit cycle and battery water circuit cycle through the four-way valve to achieve series connection, to achieve the motor waste heat recovery to heat the battery, to enhance the low temperature environment battery working temperature.

-To achieve -30 ℃ -55 ℃ ultra-wide temperature range, according to the needs of the power system, the power system is always in the best working temperature range, to protect the thermal safety of the power system, shorten the charging time and increase the range.

Recently, in the 2021 China New Energy Product Attractiveness Index (NEV-APEAL) study released by J.D. Power this year, Xiaopeng P7 won the first place in the medium-sized pure electric market attractiveness index ranking, and is the first model in the industry to obtain this achievement.

In addition, in the 2021 J.D. Power China New Energy Vehicle Quality Study (NEV-IQS) In addition, in the 2021 J.D. Power China New Energy Vehicle Quality Study (NEV-IQS), the Xiaopeng G3 also won the first place in the new vehicle quality ranking for new energy vehicle compact models.

Behind the double championship is Xiaopeng’s reputation for “intelligent and reliable” quality, and the frequent certifications and affirmations from authoritative institutions are the truest reflection of Xpeng’s product quality.

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