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One Dream Two Teams: Wright Brothers and Qian Xuesen, SpaceX and Aeroht

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On December 17, 1903, the famous American inventor Wright Brothers built the first airplane “Aviator 1” in North Carolina, the United States test flight success.

The founder of Aeroht, recently presented his team with a gift signed by the Wright Brothers.

Image From Weibo

It makes sense for Aeroht to pay tribute to the Wright brothers with the goal of Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

image from aeroht.com

December 11 is Qian Xuesen’s birthday, and on December 11, 2012, SpaceX dedicated a tweet to his memory.

image from twitter

SpaceX not only tweeted its best wishes on Qian Xuesen’s birthday, but also hung a portrait of Mr. Qian Xuesen inside the company. Why is this?

image from SpaceX

In 1944, Qian Xuesen proposed the idea of a rocket jet that would fly from New York to Los Angeles in one hour, which later became the Space Shuttle.

In 1948, he became the director of the Jet Propulsion Center at Caltech (JPL, the predecessor of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory), and in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established, with JPL as one of its founding agencies, and JPL was one of the main laboratories for NASA’s later moon landing program. Thus, Qian Xuesen is considered one of the founding fathers of human spaceflight.

It is not surprising that Musk and SpaceX pay tribute to him.

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