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New versions of 520G+ and 520N+ launched for G3i SUV, priced starting at $26,300

by SEP Editor
(Photo Credit: Xpeng)

According to the official website of Xiaopeng Auto, the G3i released two new versions, 520G+ and 520N+, while the price has increased by roughly $313 USD. 


  1. new model’s overall weight has increased by 10kg to 1665kg
  2. NEDC range has been shortened to 500km, and the 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels
  3. Michelin tires have been changed from optional to standard.
  4. Uses a permanent magnet synchronous motor and 66kWh ternary lithium battery with a maximum power of 145kW (197hp).
  5. 460G model is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery (with a capacity of at least 55kWh), while all other models are equipped with a ternary lithium battery (460N battery capacity of at least 57kWh, 520G / N battery capacity of at least 60kWh).

Sales going strong in November

In November 2021, Xiaopeng delivered a total of 15,613 new vehicles, achieving three consecutive months of delivery of more than 10,000 units, while the year-on-year increase reached 270%, and also a 54% increase in the ring, which is not only a delivery record for Xiaopeng Automobile, but also a record for the entire EV car manufacturing.

From January to November this year, Xiaopeng Auto delivered 82,155 vehicles to customers, an increase of 285% year-on-year. The new car maker’s record is the result of a total of 82,155 vehicles delivered to customers from January to November this year, an increase of 285% year-on-year.

Its rich product lines lies in R&D investment

One may be surprised to find that R&D for Xpeng accounts for over 4,000 people, which is an increase of over 100% compared to the end of last year.

Xpeng believes this wave of automotive technology revolution is not only a business opportunity, but also a major opportunity to transform and upgrade China’s auto industry.

Xiaopeng’s first factory, the Zhaoqing factory, together with the Guangzhou and Wuhan factories under construction, has a total design capacity of 400,000 units and is able to support an annual production of 600,000 units through double shifts, and the Zhaoqing factory has already achieved 20 hours of production per day in double shifts, with production continuing to climb.

Owned factories not only ensure the production capacity, but also help to establish a more stringent quality system to ensure high-quality delivery.

For instance, the P7 is available in different scenarios.

The P7 has a post-subsidy guide price range of $219,900-$409,900, the P5 $157,900-$223,900, the G3i $149,800-$185,800, and the G9 has yet to fully announce its price, but from its product design and platform architecture, it’s easy to see that the G9 will carry the higher mission of the Xiaopeng product line and move to a higher-order market segment.

The product sequence of Xiaopeng covers the mainstream consumer market between 149,800-409,900, and there are two SUVs and two sedans, taking into account the needs of users in the mainstream market segment.

The fact that Xiaopeng has been able to come out on top is further proof that the initial strategic planning has captured the key to this wave of new energy technology change.

The importance of a rich product line has been demonstrated by balanced model sales.

Last month, Xiaopeng P7 delivered 7,839 units, an increase of 30%, increasingly playing the flagship model’s nature, G3 series delivered 5,620 units, an increase of 54%, reflecting the popularity of its cost-effective intelligent features, the P5 shortly after its release also reached 2,154 deliveries, indicating that it has taken over some user demand lower than the P7, more emphasis on applicability.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, Xiaopeng released its fourth model, the G9, which will further enhance Xiaopeng’s product and brand positioning and take on user demand from the high-value market.

From the user’s point of view, what they care most about in this era is the product experience, obviously Xiaopeng let them feel this – Xiaopeng’s intelligent system, including intelligent driving assistance system, no doubt in all the “car-making new forces” inside belong to the The first echelon.

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