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Expanding on car leasing business, China’s EV maker Xpeng increased registered capital to $125 million

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As appeared on Qichacha, a Chinese enterprise database agency, XPeng Inc. Financial Leasing Company ‘s registered capital increased by 150%, from USD $50 million to that of $125 million USD on December 28.

XPeng has set up leasing companies in several cities to open leasing business, in addition to its car making businesses.

Established in 2014, XPeng is a Guangzhou-based Smart EV company in China, that already accounts for one of the major EV players in sales performance, evident by its delivery of 7,839 P7s in November 2021, a 187% increase year-over-year.

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According to the company’s information, the company was established in 2018, and its legal representative is Xia Heng.

Business scope for XPeng Inc. Financial Leasing Company includes: leasing business; concurrently engaged in commercial factoring business related to the main business, etc., by Guangdong Xiaopeng Automobile Industry Holdings Co., Ltd., XPeng (Hong Kong) Limited jointly holds shares.

Soaring Sales in China, Xpeng gets ready for International expansion

As of November this year, the sales report of XPeng has covered 153 cities nationwide, including more than 337 sales outlets and 154 service outlets; In November this year, XPeng added 111 branded super-charging stations online, with a total of 661 stations online, covering 288 cities, and will reach 337 cities nationwide in the future.

The product and service operation of the closed loop, let the XPeng to get more and more love from young customers, XPeng total deliveries 15,613 units in November, three consecutive months to achieve a single month delivery of more than 10,000, a 54% increase in the chain, an increase of 270% year-on-year.

At the same time, XPeng also aims at overseas markets.The company will start exporting cars to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands in 2022.

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