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China EV maker XPeng P5 outperform in extreme cold test with its heat-pump air-conditioner

As Xpeng expands in Nordic countries, winter weather needs to be aware of.

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XPeng Inc. recently tested P5 performance under extreme weather conditions, which ambient temperature was -23 degree Celsius [1].

(Photo Credit: Xpeng Twitter)

The test is conducted under the supervisions of China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), which is an authority testing facilities in China. The starting time of the vehicle and the time required to defrost front windscreen were recorded to verify the compliance to national law.  Among all the tests, XPeng P5 passed with flying colors and proven that electric vehicles(EV) are reliable under extremely cold situations.

Extremely cold is the natural enemy of battery powered system, as the conductivity of materials will becoming lower, causing the performance of battery to degrade. In winter, electric cars with only 60% to 70% of the standard battery life will drop even faster.

A comparison of popular EV models in reaction to winter range loss

So, China’s GB standard (or Guobiao standard) requires electric cars to be start under 7s in an ambient temperature of -18 degree Celsius and defrost more than 80% of its front windscreen within 20 minutes [2].

This is to ensure the function of a vehicle remained its integrity and consumers can use their vehicle without much deterioration. 

Photo Credit: Fig.1., XPeng P5, freezing in a -23℃ room [1]

During the test, XPeng P5 starts almost instantly under -23 degree Celsius temperature, and defrost up to 99% of its front windscreen at a 20 minutes timeframe.

Heat pump air conditioner to save electricity

This is because XPeng P5 listed heat-pump air-conditioner as its standard equipment. This is a highly efficient system, and requires far less energy compared with traditional PTC heating method. Apart from efficiency, the heat pump system can co-work with water heating system, resulting a faster heating time and lower power consumption.

During driving conditions, this system can also recycle waste heat produced by motors and other system.

As a result, XPeng P5 can operate normally at a minimum temperature of -30 Degree Celsius and possessing a relatively long cruising range.

“Winter weather is something that every EV driver needs to keep in mind. Losing 10% or 20% of available range on a cold day could mean extra charging stops and longer charge times. That is especially important around the holidays, when families are traveling farther and definitely need to get where they are going. No one wants to spend Christmas morning in line at a fast-charging station.”

CEO and co-founder of Recurrent Scott Case

As XPeng had begin their operations in winter countries of Norway, this system might keep getting refined by utilizing consumer’s feedback, creating EV that suits more countries in the future.

A car on a road

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g.2., XPeng P5 illustrating its heat-pump AC (Photo Credit: XPeng)


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